Monday, June 14, 2010


There are some serious issues going on in Avalon.  It was not a happy hive when I opened this afternoon, but I did pull off the empty honey super and took off the Queen excluder.  If there is any hope of them repairing whatever is going on in there, I have given them the best chance--if the Queen is in the top honey boxes, she can now get back down to where she needs to be...and if she's a virgin Queen, she can get out to mate.  I did not pull open and look in all the boxes.  They were not happy bees and with one swelling, massive bee sting already, I didn't want to risk another right now.  But we will keep an eye on things and keep you posted.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: 'the bee is the only creature in the animal kingdom, that I am aware of, that does not kill or injure any other being as it goes through its regular life cycle' --Ross Conrad

(thinking on that, we learned that the jellyfish is a type of plankton...hmmm, who knew?)

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