Sunday, May 9, 2010

We've been inside staying busy since it's too windy and cold to work outside,

and with the frost warnings for the next few nights, we're going to wait on getting any more of the plants into the garden. So, this is what we did today instead. I am hoping we can make a cube with scrap pieces of wood and put slats in it for racks of drying soap (stole the idea from Hames and Axle Farm, where we took a soapmaking class). But I am not quite sure how to work with the pieces I have yet. But we are working on it.

We're still milking our little goat away. And whoever said farming is easy needs to try to milk a reluctant goat...even if she is only a little thing, it's still quite a battle. Troy tends to get the last of the milk, when she's gotten so restless she's stuck her foot into the milking cup. I've transitioned from my old milk 'pail' to a pyrex measuring cup. The metal of the cup was odd, and reacts weird when it soaks, and I think it has aluminum in it, so to be safe, I'm going to use nice, safe glass.

WindyFields Farm has finally kidded this morning. That was their mother's day gift, so I am hoping they'll have extra milk for us to purchase...since they have a far better milker than we do...or maybe it's that they are better milkers than we are.

We have been putting together plans for a Canning Coop between nearby friends. We're hoping it will encourage us to actually get canning this year and with sharing with a group, we'll get more variety for our work. Each person in the group is planning to make two different canned items and share two jars of each item with everyone else in the group. We had to limit our numbers, so that it was possible to actually make enough to share with everyone. So, we'll have to see how it works out. We have some planning to swap frozen goods as well. So it should be an interesting experiment in cooperative 'farming'.

The bees are quiet. It's been chilly and windy, so I think they are cozied up inside with cups of honey tea, waiting for warmer days. I did finally place my BetterBee order for supplies for this summer, including the extractor for honey harvest in the fall. I am very excited for that! I'm figuring on doing it in the evening, into darkness, outside, so that the mess will be outside, but it will be late enough that the bees won't come by and try to help! And my Nuc of bees is scheduled to come at some point mid to end May! Hopefully it won't fall on Camp Weekend.

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