Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Swarm Hive(s)

We looked at the swarm hives today. We had to get feeders onto them before it rains, so while we were bothering them, we figured we'd just take a peek.

The smaller swarm had ZERO bees...I am not kidding you, NOTHING. But it had a little bit of comb and some eggs.

The bigger swarm had TONS AND TONS of bees, but no eggs. So we combined the hives, adding the frame of eggs to the full hive and closed up. We will check again for eggs soon, and if there aren't any eggs, we will try to steal some frames of new eggs from one of our established hives and hope they make a queen. We're still hoping that if they are queenless they will make a queen with the eggs from the smaller swarm, but I am worried that the eggs might be too old and not cared for...but I guess we will just wait and see. In any case, we have the feeder on the hive, so we can still get them food if it rains.

Lesson learned: with a new hive establishing itself: PUT THE HIVE TOP FEEDERS ON!!!! (Dummies)

And we're going to need names for hives soon! Start thinking! We have Avalon, Bree, we'll need a 'C' name, and a 'D' name when this swarm hive gets growing!

Happy Beeing!

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