Monday, May 24, 2010

Nucleus Hive

We are picking up our Nuc tomorrow morning from BetterBee. After some games of phone tag and some confusion, we are finally ready. We have to be at BB between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. The plan is to pick up the bees and bring them back to my aunt's house and look into the swarm hive. If the swarm hive still doesn't have any eggs, we are going to combine the nuc onto it and have one BIG happy third hive.

We thought about buying a queen to put into the swarm hive. Or giving them eggs out of one of our established hives for them to build a queen, but in the grand scheme, it seems to make the most sense to combine the hives together. It would have been great to have four hives, but we can't get greedy! And besides, maybe we'll open up the swarm hive tomorrow and she will have eggs!!!

We've also got a big order of STUFF from BetterBee to pick up. We've ordered our extracting equipment for our community of beekeepers to use and in great hopes of lots of honey from all these big happy hives we've all got. If any of you local beekeepers need anything and want us to pick it'd better let us know by 4:00 tomorrow morning!!!

And we need your help. So far, the only name offered up for our 'c' hive is Cookies. And Camie. Help us think of names! If you can find a theme, we have Avalon and Bree....and 'C--'

Some of our peppers seem to be making a comeback. We (being Paul) planted some new plants we bought at the Farmer's Market between them. But maybe, those peppers will grow big and strong and sturdy after a good scare with Death and we'll be inundated with peppers this year. Wouldn't that be AWESOME!?

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