Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hive Names

We had our first suggestions for 'c' and 'd' names: Cookies and Doughnuts with the suggestion that we label the hive boxes in really big letters with their names! Almost as good as Beer and Soda!

Guess we still have to wait and see how our swarm does before we start naming her...or maybe we should name her for good luck.

We have a little chick with serious poopy butt. I think we might switch them over to organic chick starter, which I made the mistake of not buying in the first place because where we bought the chicks didn't have any. I notice a huge difference in the growth and smellyness of chicks raised on organic starter. And I have never had a poopy butt issue before...maybe it was just our time, but it makes me wonder. I guess this is reinforcing my belief that starting them on organic feed is worth the money, even if they don't stay on it (though our adult chicks are on organic feed too!).

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