Thursday, May 6, 2010


Came home from work today and spent the afternoon in the garden. I had to get some of those plants in the ground before they die!

Planted the peppers and okra and eggplants and covered them, to protect them from the wind. I also planted the awesome sister bought me a couple of plants from Fedco and they look much better than my poor little guys. But I planted them all and we'll see what happens. Potatoes went in today. Lettuce and celery and a couple more strawberry plants. And I got the cold frame up and over the parts of the garden that need the most coddling! So, we're moving forward. Tomorrow, I need to fix the fence I threw up around the asparagus and get the rest of the asparagus planted.

Bees are happy!
Doggie is happy!
Chickens are happy!
Goats are happy...though anyone want a goat in milk? I'll sell her for a really good price (the BRAT).
Cats are happy too!

People to!

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