Saturday, May 29, 2010

Food in Jars

I was introduced to a very cool blog: by a friend.  I have been checking out the site for a while now, and just tried the first recipe off of the blog.  Rhubarb Butter.

I made the first batch, and waited for it to thicken and develop a rosy red color.  It never did get a pretty rose color, but I did make a great batch of rhubarb wallpaper if anyone is looking for wallpaper paste with a great smell and taste, let me know.

I made another batch...and it is now pinging away in the kitchen as the jars seal (what canner does not LOVE the sound of sealing jars pinging?).  This time, I did not wait for a rosy red color, and stopped when I got to the desired butter thickness.  It's really yummy!  So, I hope foodinjars doesn't mind, but I am going to post the recipe here.  Please check out if you are interested in canning and preserving.

Rhubarb Butter
4 c rhubarb
1 c sugar
1 c orange juice
1/4 c lemon juice (this I added for a little extra anti-botulism insurance)

bring to a simmer and then reduce the temperature to low and let it gently bubble.  stir every five minutes for about an hour (or more) until it has reduced to a butter preserve texture (if you have rosy red rhubarb stalks, you will get a pretty rose color).

pour into five or six 1/2 cup canning jars and boil in a water bath for fifteen minutes.

(if you are not familiar with canning methods, check out for a more detailed recipe or consult a good canning book for the specifics of canning.  if you prefer not to can the butter, you can freeze it or keep it in the fridge and use it immediately)

I also made a batch of crackers today.  Who knew?  You can MAKE crackers!!!  Yum!!

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