Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flower Full Moon

We survived those storms last night. Greenfield got clobbered and ended up closing our Meals on Wheels program because the outlying towns were a mess and the main office was without power and closed! I don't plan for a 'snow day' in late May--so I was completely unprepared for calling the day off! But we had no damages here, so we were able to get to our site and get some work done!

But our garden got watered and the well got a dose of water, so on a selfish note, I'm pretty happy about that!

And, on top of that, the local school busses were vandalized overnight and no school busses ran this morning! What craziness and excitement for out little town! Most definitely a full moon day.

But being closed, I got home early, so we planted the rest of the garden!

We planted some more peppers and tomatoes. Lemongrass. Beets. Turnips. Spinach. Chard. Beans. Summer squashes. More radishes. Cucumbers. Eggplant. Okra (for the ONE batch of Gumbo we'll make later this year).

And by the way, on an aside Garden note: using those water towers worked out great for us. The tomatoes we put out under the towers are twice and big and tall and bushy and happy as the seedlings we didn't put under the towers...I'm gonna get me some more of those!

It's so awesome to have it all planted and now we can sit back and watch it grow!!

OK, and weed it. And chase bugs out of it. And cry over the eaten plants. And weed some more. And replant some more. And harvest. And weed some more. Chase bugs some more. Buy more plants. Mulch some more. Eat some. Weed again. Give up and shop at the Farmer's Market and swear that next year will be better.

It feels good. And something seems right about planting with the full moon!

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