Monday, May 31, 2010


We spent the whole day rearranging our fencing in the yard.  And I'd like to say we accomplished other things, but that's about it.  But it was a lot of work and has been something we have been putting off for just that reason, so we're glad it's done.  And so are the goats and Troy.

We moved troy back 16 feet towards the woods, so he can get some real shade during the day.  He's been hanging out in the shade made by the calf hutches, but it just isn't the good cooling shade of now he has that and he is SO HAPPY!  (except for the damn deer flies that are trying to burrow into his head!!!)

The goat fencing got expanded by about double.  We also put a calf hutch in their run so they have another place to hang out in, since now we have all eight of the goats together in the barn and barn run.  They have much more space and more greenery, so they are so happy too.   Though they might all have stomach aches by the middle of the night from eating too much green stuff.

We also moved the baby chicks out of the dining room and into the barn.  They are still under a light and can't go outside, but they have more space to run about...and they aren't stinking up our dining room anymore.

And in amongst all that, we had a woman and her little girl come by to look at goats!  Don't know what will come of it, but I always love to talk 'farm' and 'goats' with people!

I ordered a sampler from  I'll let y'all know how we like it.

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