Sunday, May 2, 2010

Best Friends

Yesterday afternoon, I spent sitting on the back deck working on the laptop while Troy lounged in the yard ten feet away. We had some lovely quiet time together and I chattered away to him. He particularly likes the sound of Windows starting up on the computer and he cocked his head to the side in that cute doggy way while he tried to figure out what the noise was. He didn't have much to say vocally, but he had a lot to say by just being there.

I was thinking about how much we humans never shut up and often have so little to say. And how our pets vocalize so little, but communicate so much. Even sitting alone with Troy I had to open my mouth and talk to him. It struck me. So, I started thinking (and talking to Troy about it) and thought that it would be a really cool fundraiser to commit to not talking for twenty-four hours to raise money for Best Friends. It would be quite a challenge to not talk, so people could sponsor your silence by donating a certain amount of money per hour in that 24 hour period that you did not talk. (I figure some money would be made just in the time that each Silencer is sleeping), but the rest would be a challenge and the persons sponsoring you could take a gamble and raise the stakes if they don't think you can really shut up for 24 hours! So, say $1.00 per hour...if you don't talk for the whole 24 hours, you'd make $24 dollars. Someone who sponsors you but doesn't think you can shut up for that long could gamble and offer more per hour knowing that the person they are sponsoring is going to talk some of those me!

Anyway, it was a thought and all money raised could be sent to Best Friends Animal Society where we volunteered last month. I thought it was a cool idea. I even went so far as to figure out when Best Friends really started, but they've existed and morphed and grew into Best Friends over years that the best date I could find was when Best Friends got her name on May 4th, 1986. But May 4th is only two days away and stretching it to get anything started for fundraising...

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