Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bees and Gardening

I spent the day up in Maine, helping my sister look into her Top Bar hive to see how things were coming along after hiving a package of Buckfast bees earlier this week. Man, these girls are hard workers and build up fast. It's amazing. We even saw the queen!.

We also peeked into her overwintered conventional hive to take a peek at how everyone was doing and to make sure that the queen was laying and performing her duties. We also rearranged some frames to try to encourage the girls to build up and fill the boxes before moving up in the hive. Things are looking good in her hives. It's kind of scary that I am becoming the local bee-keeper-helper--I'd better keep learning, so I can keep my post!

I will try to have pictures up soon!

Her garden looks great...I'm feeling very far behind now, especially after bringing home piles of seedlings and plants and seeds to be planted here! Strawberries (which I had just put in the ground, turned around to grab the hose and came back to chickens digging up the plants), potatoes, asparagus, horseradish, artichokes, clover, lettuce, asters, brussel sprouts...yikes, yikes, yikes. Guess I know what I am doing when I get home from work tomorrow.

And when we came home, we milked a very full Annie and now have 3/4 of a cup of milk to show for it! Yay. I really hope to keep her going for a while and maybe have some milk to share. Paul seems to have a touch with Annie and she seems to like having him milk her more than she does I am hoping he will keep helping me keep the milk coming. I don't want to waste this opportunity! And I am hoping this time, with only her to milk, we can train the temper out of her (and me).

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