Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend's Work

We spent the weekend in Maine, helping friends to chop up some of their downed trees. We got to play with chainsaws and log splitters! It was kind of scary with a bunch of chainsaws running and the log splitter busting up logs. But it was a satisfying weekend. We got the trees chopped up and split and piled. There are still branches to be chopped up in the chipper, but that had to be saved for another weekend. And we could not have asked for better was warm, but not too warm. It was breezy but not too breezy.

And I got to work on my vitamin D intake on Sunday...

Now, I think I need my own chainsaw and some steel toed boots, and some Rosie's overall's...and ummm, some good Stihl gloves...and umm, some chaps....and uh, oh, a log splitter...most definitely! And let's see, what else?

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