Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring time

That promised sun has finally arrived. The goats are sunning themselves. Troy is drying himself out. The chickens were racing for the light when I let them out today. The bees have got some serious spring fever and are going nuts all around the hives. The crocuses are bursting forth with new blooms. And so is some other flower in the yard that I don't know the name of since the rain and winter melted the words on its marker. The daffodils are growing by leaps and I am HOPING we might see some yellow over Easter weekend! And the new daffydils on the Labyrinth look great, and this fall I really am going to finish planting the rest of the daffydils on the second circlet!

I am hoping those peas we planted are going to soak up some sun, now that they've soaked up a LOT of water and will poke their heads up above the ground.

Lots to do. Bees to get more food to, and Bree needs her feeder put back on after a mold issue...but the rain has cleaned and rinsed the feeder out nicely, so it's all ready to go back on. There's a new hive to put together and paint before the new bees come, now that I am getting closer to believing that the two current hives are going to actually make it to the Dandylion bloom. New fencing to put up for the second garden. Yeeps.

But for now, I will just relish in the fact that the clothes on the line might actually dry.

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