Sunday, April 4, 2010


It was the perfect Easter! The weather could not have been more beautiful. The daffodils bloomed, as did some other random blue flowers in the yard. It was so warm, we all spent the morning outside and watched the 'big kids' on their egg hunt! We ate breakfast outside. We watched the goats run around the yard. The bees are busy, crazy, happy, and alive. The chickens were happily puttering and squawking...they even helped us out in the egg hunt by setting on one of the plastic eggs! And we managed to find some eggs from the scavenger hunt we had LAST year!

We had Easter Dinner on Saturday, which worked out so wonderfully. Everyone who drove in from far away didn't have to worry about getting home late (especially when the ham was behind schedule). Everyone was able to have some wine without worrying about driving. Family members who spend Easter with their 'other' half were able to come, because Saturday isn't Easter. It worked out GREAT.

And to complete the weekend, Paul and I went for a hike up Tully Mountain! It was just an incredible day and a perfect weekend...Life is Good!

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