Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bee Hives

I honestly don't remember it taking this long to paint a bee hive. I have finished the bottom board and stand, as well as the outer cover of the hive, (though I would like to put a third coat on the cover). And I have two coats on one side of each of the two deep boxes. I may never finish. But, maybe, I can do one side of each box every day and be done by Sunday. For creeps sake...this is taking forever!

The dandelions are blooming away, though our yard is still a bit sparse. I was hoping to MAYBE reverse the supers on the hives this weekend, but with the crappy weather on the way, that may have to wait--besides, I don't want to rush the season: Bee Lesson # one: don't rush the season...of course, I think that lesson is after: always wear a veil and always carry Benadryl. Oh, and always have a smoker available if you're going in...

My last bee class at Bee School is tonight--I have to miss next week. But Paul's going to go with me tonight and I think he's really going to enjoy it, even though it's going to run pretty late. But the two lectures are: Pollen and Nectar Plants in our area and The Delicate Balance. I think both of them should be great classes...and Ken Warchol is teaching the Delicate Balance and he does a great job!

Happy Beeing!!!

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