Friday, April 30, 2010

Bee Inspection

As planned, we opened the hives up to look things over and organize things for the summer. And the honey supers were added! Whoo hoo, hopefully, we will get lots and lots of honey this year.

Avalon looked great. There were eggs and larva and lots and lots of bees. We did not reverse our brood boxes, because they had laid eggs in the bottom box and we did not want to break up the nest by switching the boxes. So, we put things back as we found them (well, kind of, I had to fix things after we put it all together, took a deep satisfied breath, then realized I put the boxes back with the upper entrance facing backwards--oops). But all looks good, and we added the queen excluder and two honey boxes. The only issue was having to kill a bunch of larva that they had laid on top of the top box and into the inner cover. I felt so bad.

Bree looks awesome. Those boxes are SO heavy. It is very hard to move those boxes around without crushing bees and without killing my back! Yikes. Bree also was laying larva up to the inner cover and this was very sad: I had to kill larva with EYES! It was awful. Bree is full of lots and lots and lots of beeses. WOW. It was unnerving to work with them. But we opened down to the bottom and did reverse the boxes on this hive. Then we added the queen excluder and two honey supers. So, in theory, the most invasive inspection is done for the year! Phew.

And NO stings. Whoopie. Though, I guess a few stings is a good thing in a season....

So, now we watch the apple tree blossom and the bees grow and thrive. This will be the first time we have had two honey supers on our cool is that?

Now, I am off to get ready for the annual Walk for Meals on Wheels...and maybe I'll reward myself by ordering some of the bee supplies I need for the year! Fun fun fun.

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