Wednesday, April 14, 2010

24 hours in a Day

It's one of those days when you swear other people MUST have more then twenty four hours in their day. I feel like I can't keep up. I bought paint on the way home from work (Midnight Magic or BumbleChick Purple) for the hive and started painting. I feel like I haven't gotten anywhere. I've only got the two bottom pieces to the hive half painted, leaving the other half and the two brood boxes that are still in pieces in the shed to be done. I don't think I'll ever get them painted. And the bees will be coming.

I've got a BetterBee order sitting around waiting for me to call it in...and I haven't gotten to that...

Then, all I wanted to do before dinner was to get the laundry on the line and the dishes out of the dishwasher. I ended up unloading the dishwasher and there was a whole load waiting to go in, so I feel like I've accomplished nothing because now, a few hours later, it's ready to be unloaded again. The laundry did come off the line and I hung more on...and that felt like an accomplishment--I have to admit, I kinda like hanging laundry on the's very Zen...well, as 'Zen' as I ever get. And I've been meaning to clean the bathroom for DAYS...(I miss you Ginny!!!) and finally just did a half ass job on it, just so that it doesn't look like we never clean, so that didn't feel like an's still kinda dirty and only kinda clean.

And I haven't kept up with watering the peas and the wheat in the garden...and I think I might be paying for it, because none of them are coming up...and I've planted the peas TWICE. I really have been trying so hard to get into the garden every day to do something, but...but but...

I can't keep up. I've been trying really hard lately to just keep moving and to get things done a little at a time, but every time I turn around, there is more to do and what I've just done needs to be done again.

So, I swear, other people MUST have more than twenty four hours in their day...

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