Monday, March 8, 2010

Selling goats...

So, we had to do some rethinking about who is still up for sale here at the BumbleBarn. We had Willa and Mary for sale as the two girls, but we've realized that if we sell that pair, it leave every mother with a baby except Annie. We've decided that would be too hard on Annie and so we're putting Annie up for sale with Willa, as a mother/daughter pair. We think that in the long run, everyone will be better off and happier with that scenario. Annie could also leave the farm as a bred doe, which gives the new owners a head start on their own breeding program.

These decisions are so hard. I remember how sad it was for Aria when we sold both her kids and left two with Ginger. That's the reason she still has Mozart for a companion for the rest of her years on our farm in her retirement. She needs a companion...and he'll never be bred so barring a terrible accident, he should be with her until the end. And that's why, even though it's wicked hard to let Annie go, we've got to think of her needs before our sentimentality. So, that is the plan.

Oh, we did have someone come to look at the girls on Saturday. She called and is very interested, but is now re-talking things over with her family when we offered Annie/Willa together at a reduced price over Mary and Willa...which she was very close to settling on.

We will keep everyone posted.

Enjoy all of this spring weather! The honeybees are loving are we!

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