Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's been so warm lately, that we are all seriously considering planting our peas in the garden. As close as I've gotten is to take the pea fences out of the shipping box. Yes, I'm a garden shopper, not a garden makedoer. Yeah, not a good Yankee Ingenuity kind of girl.

Goliath (who lives at Dandelions and Nettles Farm now), for those of you who have heard, is doing well. He broke his leg on Saturday in a burst of spring fever running through the yard and umm, the wood pile...a good break clean through. The splint is finally staying on and he is eating and full of energy and pretty irritated at being locked up and out of the action and away from his buddy, Vonn. But if he can keep his splint on and stay spunky...these guys are hardy little buggers, he should do just fine. (I am hoping to post a pic of him in his human Daddy's arms in the lazy boy while his humans were waiting for him to come out of sedation)!

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