Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's beginning to feel like Spring

There are still piles of snow in our yard...and a layer of snow on the ground, but in other yards, it's beginning to melt! And it feels warm out. I actually forgot to wear my winter coat out yesterday, and didn't even realize it. Yay! I think spring might be on the way...and pretty soon the crocuses should start peeking up out of the ground.

A couple bees were wandering in and out of Avalon yesterday. But nothing at Bree. This morning, it sounded like humming coming from both hives, but I could not say for sure.

The chickens have ramped up production for spring...we're getting eight or so eggs a day out of our eleven layers. And we're planning to put in a chick order this weekend. We are going to get the hardy breeds this year...mostly Rhode Island Reds, which seem to be the best layers for us. And then a few Barred Rocks...and maybe some Buff Orpingtons--because I think they are pretty. Hopefully the fox will leave our chickens alone this year.

The goats are feeling the fever of spring. We had a couple over to look at the girls for sale yesterday...and I thought the goats would never stay put. They ran around the yard like they had been cooped up all winter. Hmmm. But they had fun. And we'll see if we get a bite for the girls...or if they misbehaved too badly!

Happy Spring. I know we'll probably get dumped on by Mother Nature with more snow...but it's too late now...spring is in the air. I MIGHT even hang some laundry on the line....

Oh...AND there's one peter pepper coming up!!!! And most of the hots are up. I think it might be time to give up on the artichokes. Maybe someone at the Farmer's Market will grow some for me...I guess I'll have to wait and see.

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