Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Opened up the hives today and started feeding them.

Avalon was flying out and about and all over and going NUTSO today, so I figured it was time to sneak in and get some feeding started. So, I popped things open...they were alive and agitated with me. I ended up putting the feeder on between the inner cover and outer cover due to excess burr comb and irritated bees.

Bree didn't fight me at all, even when I knocked the cover over the hive to drop the bees on the inside of the cover back into the cluster of bees. They didn't break cluster at all to defend the hive from my Godzilla-like behavior. I hope that's not a bad sign. I didn't want to disturb them anymore, so I also put the feeder between the inner cover and the outer cover on them too.

I always worry that I've opened too soon or chilled them, or done something wrong. But they are alive and it feels good to have food going to them. I was very worried about how honey stores are holding up as we are in the hardest part of the season for bees...when they need to get the temperatures up in the hive to start laying eggs...but when food stores needed to do that might be running low. I feel like I am finally able to help them work toward spring and the growing season.

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