Thursday, March 11, 2010

HoneyBees and Spring

Both hives are humming away, as anxious for spring as the rest of us. Every day that goes by that they are humming makes me very happy. Though I won't rest easy until that first dandelion blooms in the yard. And our second very late running beekeeping class is tonight in Worcester! This time, at least, I won't be sick and as tired during it...but it does run until 9:30 and I don't get home until 11:00, so I will be tired, if not sick.

The goats are settling into the new routine with less numbers and less fighting over the food I think they are happier now. We're still working on selling the last pair of girls...and spring fever has hit the goat yard with leaps and jumps and rambling goats whenever the barn door opens and they can get out into the yard and really run and look for new snacks--we just watch them around the cherry trees and the mountain laurel.

The chickens have spring fever too. The two roosters are a bit crankier these days, and I am hoping that I won't come home to a bloody Dinner if Max decides the upstart's taking too many liberties with 'his' girls. And the girls are laying like crazy...and the silly little white Aracauna escapes every day from the coop run so that she can sneak into the barn and lay her little green egg up in her nesting spot on top of all the bales of hay in the hayloft! Guess, she's not stupid: she wants a clean and private place to lay her clutch--too bad we keep stealing the eggs on her (of course, she leaves them to the cold, so they wouldn't hatch for her anyway).

And I think Troy is going to be the only sad one to see the snow go. No more tunneling with his nose. No more doggie snow castles. Poor Puppy!

And the peppers look GREAT! I just hope they keep looking great until planting time, and through growing time, and through producing time, and through picking time, and through EATING time! I'll have to start thinking about planting the tomatoes and eggplants and other yummy garden goodies soon. I just know spring's'a'comin'!!

Think Spring everyone. I guess the rain and more mud on the way should help!

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