Monday, March 8, 2010

The Boys

I'm told the boys settled into their new home quite nicely. We were even sent pictures of the boys in the new digs.

Don't they look happy?

Thanks, J, for the pictures...


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  2. We went to visit the adorable boys at my brother's home and they were settling in happily, eating and drinking. They had lots of company and were getting love and attention. We are so happy to welcome them into the family! Thanks for all you do at Bumblechick Farm!

  3. They look so happy with you. We are so glad that they went to such a great home! Puccini is such a love, isn't he? He still loves to be held!

    Enjoy them and if you guys are ever in our area, feel free to come and visit! We'd love to have you!

  4. Today the boys were laying out in the sun. Chirping to me while I worked in the yard. Urgh. Hard to leave them be. I just want to hang with them all day!

  5. I am glad that we have made the people as happy as the kids!