Sunday, February 14, 2010


Last night we had a Yummy, local-ish dinner. We tried to think of it in terms of what could have been local...what should have been local...and what was local. We had meatloaf and the beef was from a local farm...the onions should have been local as well as the breadcrumbs. The eggs were from our backyard. The ketchup could have been local, and I plan to can ketchup again this year.

The french fries were local...I bought them at the farmer's market in Greenfield and then cut them up, cooked them, and froze them for later. I was testing a recipe a friend pointed out to me. I was very happy with the results and will be making home made french fries to freeze for next winter.

The blue corn bread was the most local. The blue corn was grown and ground at WindyFields Farm (which is where the recipe came from). The whole wheat flour was local. The eggs were very local. The milk and butter could have/should have been local (there is no reason why I can't freeze milk for baking with when there is a surplus in the summer). The sugar was not...but maybe that could be substituted with honey or some other local sweetener.

And then we thought about our 'luxury items'--non local items that it would be very hard to give up: olive oil, wine (though there are local wineries that we could and should be purchasing from), coffee (though we drink only Dean's Beans and he does such great things that it doesn't seem like a concession at all), tea (I am going to buy more and more from the Charleston Tea Plantation--though it is not local it is local to family...isn't that close enough?--and it's great tea!!)...and some of those tropical foods that are hard to let go...bananas, avocados (though I am growing a tree in the living room, I don't think it will ever produce for us)...oranges...yum!!!

Oh, the brownies...very NOT local....but yummy and soft...just the way I like them...Thanks Laura!

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