Monday, February 22, 2010

Artichokes, Bees, and Eggs

So, we still have one artichoke up. It's growing and it's a pretty white. And I just learned that of your artichokes a percentage of them will come up white. And these white artichokes are unable to photosynthesize and so will not live. So, let's hope some of the others come up...and come up green.

Six eggs today. Spring is coming...despite the threat of FEET of snow coming our way--say it isn't true.

Bees are still there. I found one live bee crawling around on the snow today and I tried to help her back home. No matter how many times I try to help and seem to make things worse, I still just can't help but try to help, instead of just letting Mother Nature do her job. I didn't kill her, but she didn't make it back home...I know she would not have anyway, but it makes it worse when I try to help and I can't. And you can't even see the tell tale signs of dysentery outside of Bree in the snow anymore...time will tell.

Interesting lately, the number of people questioning their reasons for blogging. I was talking to a friend about it and how she was afraid it seemed like bragging. Then, she saw a blog and the blogger said the same thing about herself. I guess it makes you think about your reasons for blogging...and really, for me, it's all about the bragging. You know, how I 'zen' farm...and can't get anything to grow in the garden but the pumpkins I didn't plant, and am defeated by a goat when it comes to milking, and the fox is smarter than me...and the dog...even the chickens...but I just love what we're doing. And I love to share it...and if people want to share in the craziness that goes on here...enjoy...if not, find another bragger...I mean, blogger!

I guess it doesn't matter why we do it. In the end, we do it for ourselves and to share of ourselves and what we've learned and haven't learned...and if someone enjoys reading about what we're doing...awesome. If not, it's a record for ourselves about how far, or how little, we're coming along.

Happy blogging, fellow bloggers.

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