Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunny Day

Today is a beautiful, sunny day. I know the chickens are loving it. They are running around the yard for the first time in weeks. The goats are happy. And I am sure the honeybees are enjoying the warmth of rays on their hives...and they'll have a chance to take a midwinter potty break as honeybees hate to defecate inside their home. I enjoyed it too, spending a good half hour with my face to the sun soaking of rays of warmth! I feel so happy today!

Our sister farm, WindyFields Farm, is doing 30 days of low tech. M has given up the computer, tv, music, phone, and etc. The rest of the family has all given up in their own small ways and they are having no tech nights with no lights or tv or computer--though L is responsible for updating the blog. They have been cooking on the wood stove each night.

We are thinking of supporting them and having Low Tech Monday where we shut off our lights and tv (well, we don't have tv, so that should be easy...but no movies), computer, stove....and etc.! Should be entertaining. It will at least make us more aware of how much power we do use and look at the small ways we can lesson our usage every day...

BTW...we STILL don't support Scott Brown.

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