Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It's January and the official growing season has begun. Well, maybe not exactly the growing season, but it's time to plan the garden. So I sat down with a cup of tea (OK, it was coffee) and took out my Fedco Catalog and placed my order.

My garden always looks so good in January! It's all covered in snow and in my head, what I am planning to put in for the summer is growing green and big and weedless...yes, January is when my garden looks its best.

I am planning to try to grow artichokes this year: tricky, as you must convince the plant it has already gone through one summer already...or it won't produce. This ought to be a big challenge for me.

Oh, and when I placed my order I made a small donation to help the fight against Monsanto! Always a good thing.

And again, today, the bees are still alive. Yes, we're taking the winter day by day...

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