Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Low Tech Monday

We went low tech all day yesterday. No lights. No heat, except for the wood stove. No computers. No TV. No phone. We did leave on the well pump and hot water. There are some concessions you just don't want to make.

It's interesting how many things you use without even realizing it. I kept turning on the basement light. In fact, I was folding laundry for about TEN minutes before I realized I had turned on TWO lights I didn't really need.

I am also amazed at how many things there are that I have to look up on the internet...RIGHT NOW! And today, I can't think of one of those very important things I couldn't look up on the internet.

I put together split pea soup and left in on the stove all day so by the time Paul got home and we had all the animals fed, we had a warm dinner waiting for us. We had some nice tea. Next week, maybe we'll graduate to coffee on the wood stove. We're planning a beef stew as well. Maybe, just maybe, I'll make a bread on Sunday to have with it...

We spend a good part of the evening reading, but also spent more time than we normally would have talking...mostly about politics. But that soon turned to BeerKu's and Paul wrote a few BeerKu's AND came up with some ideas for art to go with his BeerKu's.

I managed quite a bit of work on my novel. And worked on a test for school. And I feel ahead of myself for the week!

Once I got over the internet addictions, I think the hardest thing was being in the dark after evening fell. But kerosene puts off quite a bit of light...

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