Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everybody!!

I just walked by the beehives and there was singing and humming coming from both of them. So both Avalon and Bree are still alive! Whoo hoo! Just keep those good thoughts and prayers and Reiki...and whatever coming: we still have a long way to go until Spring!

For those of you in our Honeybee Share, I will be working up the Autumn/Winter update for Avalon today! It's Janauary! Time to plan for 2010 BeeKeeping! Wow!

And pretty soon it'll be time to order seeds and start seeds.
And plan for baby animals (well, our sister farm is planning for their spring babies--we have enough right now)...
And then it'll be time to start seeds, then plant seeds, and'll be SPRING! It's going to catch up to us really fast! And don't worry, I'll be behind!

Happy New Year Everyone~

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