Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chicken and Beef

We finally ate our chicken from WindyFields Farm.

We were having drywall and ceiling work done on the kitchen that day, and the guys were still working when I got home. All the counters and appliances were still covered in drop clothes when I should have been stuffing the chicken. So, needless to say, the chicken didn't get into the oven as soon as I would have liked and I was afraid we might be eating at midnight if I didn't hurry. In my rush to get it stuffed and into the oven, I cooked it upside down. I couldn't understand why the breast had so many bones in it. I was beginning to think that home raised chickens were bonier than grocery store icky chickens, until I figured out what I'd done.

I think that the breast was the juiciest breast I've ever eaten. I'm seriously considering cooking all my chickens upside down from now and and just flipping them for the last few minutes to brown things up.

What a yummy chicken. We then made a chicken and bean soup out of the leftovers....don't want to waste anything off a local, farm raised chicken.

We were so happy. Next, we'll have to eat our turkey from WindyFields. A heritage Naragansett turkey...should be delicious! Well, we'll eat it when I stop hoarding it and actually cook it. I tend to be a food hoarder: anything I've set aside to get through the winter, I hate to actually use, because then it will be gone. I'm working on that problem.

Just put together a beef stew and began cooking it on the wood stove. I'll finish it up tomorrow and it'll be ready to eat for Low Tech Monday dinner!

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