Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kids for Sale

I'm becoming a new user to CraigsList. I just posted kids for sale and am going to hang the Kids for Sale sign at the end of the driveway. The kids don't sell themselves in our yard...of course, they're so cute, I'm not sure I want to sell them, but reality has set in and it's time. So, they're up and officially for sale...yikes.

It's hard, you become so very attached. Maybe Pat (of Hames and Axel farm) is right...get rid of them as soon as they're old enough--before you become to attached to their individual personalities.

We're pricing Willa a little below what she's worth, just because of that foot injury. It's fine and it won't affect her ability to breed, and kid, and milk--I just worry that as she ages, she might have issues with it. And I want to be fair and honest in my sales and make her worth the bargain...she'll give off great kids, but she may need extra love and support when she's a old lady.

And so, Mary is for sale too...and she's become such a love. She has a sweet temper. If we were smart, we'd get rid of our psycho Lilly who's crazy and feisty and nutty and keep Mary...but we're not smart...we think with our hearts. And Paul would KILL me!!! She's his BABY.

And then Ted. And I think Puccini is for sale...or Mozart...they're both such loves....I's tough.

So, well see if we get any bites....

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