Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloweenie Cider

There's nothing better than a cider pressing party on Halloween. And the rain held off...well, enough, so that we could get a bonfire going and roast dogs and marshymallows.

Everyone brought apples and got to work immediately on the cider making! It was like a busy, buzzy, bustle of activity in the kitchen as some washed apples, some cut them and tossed them into the grinder while Kyle cranked away, crushing, crushing, crushing. And then, we PRESSED out the most awesome cider ever! And then other little busy bees got to work bottling the cider into canning jars. We got ten quarts out of that little thing...and it worked great! The teamwork was incredible...we were done in no time and tasting...between glasses of wine and beer, of course.

I just hope those who aren't drinking right away remember to crack the lids on the jars before they hide them in the back of their fridges.

(Now, we just need to have a Counter Ripping Off Party...hmmm, I wonder if it's too late to get that one going before Wednesday?)

So, it was great. Thank you everyone who came to help. It was wicked fun. Best Halloween activity ever...I just hope everyone remembered to take a jar of cider with them...

Happy Halloween...

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