Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We've been told that the blog site is getting boring these we're updating with pictures and what little new is going on.

We had a visitor come to look at Ajax and we had a really nice talk about farming, goats, and bees. She isn't thinking about breeding immediately, but we will keep in touch and she may use us (well, Ajax) next fall. In the meantime, she is another farmer looking into bees for the spring and possibly trying to go organic. Backyard Beekeepers Unite!!!

We are making a batch of Apple and Cranberry wine! Yum...with our own cider. Our own apples...and well, some cranberries we didn't grow. But yum yum. It smells good already, though the yeast is very excited and it keeps popping the cotton ball out of the top of the air lock! Whoo-hoo, excited wine!!!

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