Monday, October 5, 2009

Vonnegut and Goliath

The two boys went to their new home with the two boys yesterday. They look so little without their brothers and sisters around...and so...lonely. But they are LOVING all the attention they get...and they don't have to share with six other baby's all for them.

C and C spent lots of time with the kids, loving them and playing with them and welcoming them to the new farm. The only time V and G got lonely was when everyone went in for a little while, but they settled down and are going to be very happy.

C and C promised to take very good care of their new buddies and feed them and water them and most importantly--love them. So we're all very happy.

Mommy and siblings here seemed a little confused but not at all bothered by the drop in numbers in the barn.

And we are headed for a good clean up of the barn, now that we have a little more space. And get things cleaned up after so many goats and prepare for...dare I say it...Winter. Yikes.

But still...four more kids for sale. We're hoping we can sell a pair before Winter really begins. And then have a pair to sell in the Spring. We shall see. It'd be nice to drop our numbers by another two before Winter really sets in, but either way we're happy! We love all of our babies! And we must admit, it was hard to see these guys go...and we know exactly how happy they're going to be AND we'll be able to visit. Can't imagine what it's going to be like to sell any of them out into the Great Unknown. We've been very lucky with our transfers so far...

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