Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things are cooling down these actually

snowed on Sunday! Not a good omen for our outdoor Halloween Bonfire, but we will carry on in any case. We must test out the new cider press...

The bees seem to have mostly settled themselves in for the winter. I have not seen them out and about for a while. And I must get to work on tying them up and sending out the final bee update for the bee share.

Goats are happy and fat. Ginger is giving us milk each day, though we have slowed her up with a few off days that confused her cycle of producing, but we are working on getting her back on track. Annie was in heat yesterday, bawling at Ajax, and Ajax was desperate to get out of the pen to get to his "love". Perhaps, when Tart from WindyFields comes for a visit, that will help satiate his appetite. In the mean time, we know Annie is due to heat again on November 10 for April decisions: breed her? Breed her to our Jax? Or to WindyFields Bud?

This Sunday, we are off to help WindyFields Farm slaughter chickens. They have 8 to do and we are thinking of bringing Dinner--the rooster, not food. Very sad! But as we have never killed or should make for an interesting day!

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