Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Love Shack

What a beautiful day. We took advantage of it, and set up the Love Shack for Ajax and his visiting guest. Tart from WindyFields Farm is coming tomorrow, in hopes that Ajax can fertilize her up with about...oh, six babies would be kinda cool...but maybe, let's stick with three...she's just a little goat! So triplets would be good. So, I'll have a talk with Ajax tomorrow about what he should be doing and then Tart will be here for some lovin' over the weekend.

I also tied up the bee hives for the Winter. How sad. Now, it's up to them to make it through until Spring. Everybody keep your fingers crossed for them--and all the HoneyBees out there!

I planted my garlic seed bulbs. I planted a box and a half with garlic...the one 4x4 box having done so nicely this year, I am hoping for an even BIGGER crop next summer.

Now, I just need to clean up some garden art and get that stored away and plant the last of the daffodil bulbs...and I'll be ready for a little bit of snow...then spring!

Happy Farming!

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