Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chickin' Killin'

No pictures, but I am sure most of you are happy about that!

We went to our friends' farm to help them process eight chickens. We'd never done it before, and we wanted to see what it would be like. I was thinking that I might come out of it a vegetarian, but I must admit, I actually feel better about eating meat. I feel that in having taking part in the processing of some birds and seeing what it actually involves gives me more of a 'right' to eat meat. It's knowing that I know exactly what's involved and that I am not pretending that it comes from Hannaford--you know, where the eggs come from...and the goat cheese...and the milk.

It was not a pleasant thing, but it felt good to be there to help. We didn't do any of the killing ourselves and Mark was kind enough to cut the heads off before they came to us, but we helped dunk them into the hot water to soften the feathers for plucking. We helped pluck and Paul helped to cut off the legs and wing tips. Mark took out the innards and then we helped wash and ice the birds. I think we helped to alleviate some of the pressure off of Mark and Laura and next time, maybe we'll feel a little more confident and can help with some of the...uh, messier parts of the process. And we took home one of their previously processed meat birds to try -- not sure I'm ready to say 'Yum' about a dead, whole chicken to cook...but maybe in a few days.

I guess the turkeys are next. Yikes...

Oh, and Dinner escaped the slaughter today...he was too free for us to catch...

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