Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Punkin Harvest!

Spent the day finishing up things in the yard and preparing for...ummm, dare I say it? Winter.

The garden is all ready for spring. I finished harvesting the rest of the potatoes and pumpkins and cleared out each bed and covered it with manure. I might put cardboard over the beds and cover with more manure, but that depends on how quickly time sneaks by. I prepared two beds for garlic and need to plant those.

We pruned bushes and mowed the lawn, cleaned stalls, trimmed hooves, and kept ourselves busy and out of trouble. I feel pretty good about things. I didn't finish all that I would have liked, but I feel that we're back on track.

Now, I am finishing up a batch of whey bread now, while P makes coffee! Yum.

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