Saturday, October 3, 2009

Annie has reverted back to her old, bad ways on the

milk stand. It's driving me CRAZY! She's just fine one day and then a holy terror the next. And now, she seems to be in a pattern of bad, bad goat. We are going to try not feeding her grain in the morning tomorrow, to make sure that she is very hungry when it comes time to be milked tomorrow night. It will either keep her so busy with food she won't care that we're milking her or, more likely, turn her into a pissed off, crazy, psychopath!

It's very frustrating. She is too young to start this kind of behavior. And I am not sure how to cure her of it...except sell her to someone more experienced who can handle a psychopath of a goat. Ginger is just fine on the milk stand, so I don't think we are doing anything that's hurting her...she's just crazy--takes after her grandma.

Egg production is down to about two eggs a day. Yikes! But the young ones have not yet started laying, so maybe they will start soon. So, as long as the fox leaves our turf alone for a while, maybe we'll get more eggs.

Working on a Bee Update for those of you in the HoneyBeeShare. It's been a good year, despite the initial bad start. Hopefully, the happy summer bodes well for the fall and winter and we'll have happy bees in the Spring...and a good, fresh start. Keep your fingers crossed.

Goliath and Vonnegut go to their new home tomorrow. I can't believe they're big enough to leave the farm. But they are, and I think the two of them are going to enjoy the new freedom of only having to fight each other for grain at feeding time. And they are going to love not having to fight off a g-zillion other kids for attention. And I think Ginger is going to feel relief at having some of the leeches off of her. So, I think they're a good start for going to new homes. And I think they are going to TRIVE on the love and attention of the two little boys who are taking them.

For C and C: enjoy your boys, they're excited to come and be with you. They told me that this morning--although they are a little nervous about the long car ride. So might need extra love when they get home.

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