Saturday, September 12, 2009

Troy is

enjoying his new Loop Trail. He particularly likes the part where it's an animal trail and he can usually find some cool things to roll in. And one day, he found the left over remains of one of our chickens that had disappeared.

Milking is going well. Annie is still a pain, but part of that might be that she has a dry skin issue, so I think it is uncomfortable for her to be milked, especially when we just start for the day. But she is settling, and we're getting more milk now that we have fixed the fencing so that her kids don't just climb over the 'kid-proof' fence and hang out with the moms all day, sucking Annie dry.

We're beginning to think about winter. The boys need to be fenced behind the barn, to make it easier for us to feed and water through the cold and snow. We chopped some trees down and now need to get up the fencing and move the boys and Troy. The chickens all need to be integrated and the young rooster will need to disappear before we mix them with the big chickens and Max (the big, mean Java rooster).

And the bees. We need to get in there to check them out, but as the time is going by, I might just wait until it's time to feed, so I can do all the fall tasks as once, and only have to bug them two more times. Take off the honey super and excluder, and put on the feeder. And then one last time to take off the feeders and let them get ready for winter...I feel that the less I disturb them, the better, especially this summer, which seemed kinda hard with the rain and swarms.

So, yes, I have to admit that summer MIGHT be coming to a close. I'm hoping for a long warm Autumn.

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