Friday, September 4, 2009

new photos

Ginger and Babies.
Puccini (notice Harry Potter Glasses marking) and Mozart. They venture outside to play!

Things are settling down in the barn. Vonnegut and Goliath met their new owners today...they are going to our six year old nephews and the boys (human) are very excited for their new companions.

We still have a few left to sell and it's going to be sad to see everyone go when the time comes.

We are beginning to average about 2 cups of milk a day from Ginger and Annie-perfect for a weekly batch of cheese and extra to share (these days with Lilly, but eventually with our human friends). Aria has been retired from milking...she has earned a well deserved rest from kidding and milking--and she is SO badly trained on the milkstand, I don't thing we can ever retrain her!

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  1. Ginger and her babies make such a beautiful family picture!!!!