Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Morning chores

Mary took a bath today in a cooler full of warm water because she was so desperate to get to the food before anybody else. We had to towel her off and cuddle her for a bit before anybody else could eat.

Vonnegut is eating so fast now, that he's having these choking and sputtering fits that are quite scary sounding.

Lilliput is still getting a bottle feed before she gets her grain--something I am slowly weaning her off of...morning feeding in the dark--Yuk. And she runs out every time you open the door, she is so freakishly fast that it's let her out and drop her back over or crush her in the door.

Willa has a bit of a puffy eye, probably from being slammed into the wall by her very cranky grandma Aria who is, I think, a little tired of being the only Momma goat in a pen full of kids. So, she got a touch of antibiotic cream.

And all before breakfast...and 'real' work.

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