Saturday, September 26, 2009

Looks like World War Three took place by the super

of leftover honey. We didn't put it near the hives, because that can encourage the bees to rob each other. But they definitely fought over the honey...there were hundreds of dead bees all around it. But it looks like they cleaned it out quite well.

I have been taking the jars of honey and comb and straining it to get the honey out. It's beautiful. I think we are going to get about two quarts of honey. And enough wax to make some very small candles. I am also planning to make a batch of goat milk and honey soap that will be made with our own milk and our own honey. Yay!

Milking is going all right. Ginger is fabulous, though she gets restless on the stand when she sees Paul, because she's hoping he'll bring her a treat, so we have stopped treats on the milk stand, until all the milking is done.

Annie's kids have been spending too much time with her, so we are not getting much out of her. But we think we have fixed the fence well enough that Ted (and Vonnegut now) will stop escaping--they went out to explore the yard together yesterday. And Willa's leg is still an issue, she is still not putting a lot of weight on it, but she is compensating...she can still leap and play and will even jump into to wall feeders and wait for more food.

Aria will no longer be milked. It makes her SO unhappy and the other day when she tried to get on the milk stand, she miscalculated, slipped, and fell over backwards onto the floor. So, even though she'd give us TONS of milk (the selfish creature) we have to be content with her offspring. And we're told we'll get more milk every time we kid.

Goliath and Vonnegut will be going to their new homes next weekend. Vonnegut has now surpassed Goliath in weight--and he started out weighing not much more than Lilly--who, by the way, is growing up to be a very spoiled brat...and we love her. So, we will be prepping the two boys for their new home. They will be so happy and spoiled there!

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