Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Took off the honey supers from both hives today. There's quite a bit of honey in those suckers and they weren't even half full. We took the honey off by hand and put it into these jars. We'll strain the honey from the comb over the next few days. We don't have an extractor yet...but looks like we might want one for next fall.

Avalon (Buckfast bees) looks a bit on the underside of stores for the winter, but they still have time to fill up their deep boxes before winter comes on.

Bree (Russian bees) look quite happy and full. I have high hopes for them this winter, but still will hope and pray to the bee gods for a little help for everyone to make it through.

We put out the scraped frames in a super on the stone steps near the house for the bees to find and clean up for us. Looks like we could have gotten a lot more honey, judging from the puddles of honey beneath the box. Oh well, guess that's why they make and use extractors for honey.

Happy Beeing from WannaBee Apiaries at Bumblechick Farm!!!

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