Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lots of Goat FOR SALE!!

Mozart and Puccini were disbudded this morning. All went well. Pat thinks that Puccini could be a good buck, but we're not sure he's worth us keeping intact as he can't be bred to any of our girls. But he could be 'rented' out for services or sold if someone is looking for a buck (he's a direct Tom Thumb line as Aria is a Tom Thumb daughter). But we will probably wether him and keep him as a companion to Aria.

Our final goats for sale:

Lilliput - retained
Vonnegut - sold
Goliath - sold

Willa - FOR SALE

Mozart - FOR SALE
Puccini - retained

It was a hard decision, and it's going to really break our hearts when they finally leave the farm...but it has to be done or we'll be overrun with goats. Not that that's really a Bad Thing...but we have to be somewhat realistic. I guess.

I will try to get pictures of of the goats for sale before too long.

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